Aquamarina Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System
AquaMarina™ Counter-Top R.O System
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AquaMarina™ Counter-Top R.O System

AquaMarina™ Counter-Top R.O System

Suited for houses, schools, offices, restaurants, etc.

  • 5 Stage countertop RO System
  • Easy to install and use
  • Innovative compact space-saving design
  • Easy filter cartridge replacement
  • Complete Installation Kit and Instruction Manual
  • Pure water flow rate up 185L/day
  • Can be setup in the bedroom, living room, or even the office 
Crystal Pure Water
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" I ordered the Proline QC system about 3 months ago and haven’t looked back. The staff at Crystal Pure were so helpful in explaining the system and benefits too. Awesome company. Amazing system. "

- Shelly M.

Owners Manual/Installation Guide

1. Water treatment technology diagram

1 Raw water port
2 PP filter
3 CTO filter
4 Low pressure switch
5 Inlet solenoid valve
6 Booster pump
7 RO membrane
8 UDF filter
9 Pure water tank
10 Tap
11 Flush Walve
12 Waste Water

2. Filter specification



PP filter
It can effectively remove impurities which are larger than 5 microns, like suspended solids, sediment, red bug, rust and so on.

Sintered carbon filter
It can residual chlorine and organic matters, chloroform, strange color and odor, protect RO membrane (UF filter) and extend its service life.

RO membrane
Its precision can be 0.0001 microns, removing almost all the organic matters, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities. Meanwhile, drain out these harmful substances of the purifier.

Absorb strange colors and odors in the water, adjust the quality and improve the taste.

3. Technical Parameters

Water source
Tap water
Water pressure

Production capacity
Electric shock type

Type II
Rated voltage/frequency

220V 50Hz
Rated power

Water tank capactiy


4. Electrical schematic diagram

5. Structure

Front structure Chart

Inner structure Chart

Back structure Chart

Installation Diagram

1. install the tap: first, open the top cover, then open the tap accessory bag, install the tap as shown in the picture, and ensure it's fastened well.

2. install the RO membrane: open the back shroud, install the RO membrane as shown in the picture, then fasten the membrane shell with a wrench. Install the back shroud back.

1 Membrane Shell       2 PP filter      
3 O-ring Seal       4 Membrane Shell cover      


Replace filters at regular intervals, ensure the water quality. In order to ensure that filters can work normally, meanwhile the output water is qualified, consumer should replace filters at regular intervals, ensure the water quality.


Replacement cycle

PP filter
6-12 month

Sintered carbon filter
6-18 month

RO membrane
1-3 year

6-12 month